Would you like to use Launch Pad on a website, intranet, presentation, newsletter, bulletin , or other nonprofit project or publication?

You may use Launch Pad at NO COST!

Please follow these cartoon use guidelines.

  • Text and artwork may not be altered in any way, including copyright and DanLtoons.com note.

  • No more than FIVE Launch Pad cartoons may be displayed in any single publication or website.

  • Cartoons featured here are copyrighted. They may not be used outside the guidelines provided.

Non-Profit Use

If you would like to display Launch Pad cartoons on your non-profit website, follow these 5 rules:

  1. Use no more than FIVE Launch Pad cartoons on your publication or website at any time.

  2. Include this notice near the cartoon: Copyright © 2001 Dan Lietha. www.DanLietha.com

  3. Link the domain name in the copyright line to the DanLietha.com homepage.

  4. Before publication, please let Dan know the domain name of your website.

  5. If your website is for-profit, please request permission from Dan first.

You may copy the desired cartoon file directly from this page. They are 72 dpi GIF files.

For-Profit Use

Please contact Dan Lietha directly to request use of Launch Pad in a for-profit capacity.