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Cartoonist Dan Lietha - Let’s Stop Mything the Boat
Noah’s Ark was a huge historic vessel, and yet, most Ark images portray it as a small boat barely able to hold the few animals on it. Is this really the best way to teach children and adults about Noah’s Ark in a world that considers the Genesis flood account to be a myth?
Do Aliens Exist?
This video was created for Answers in Genesis.
Stop Mything the Boat by Dan Lietha
Cute and small versions of Noah's Arks are popular in our culture, but they are not as innocent as you may think. Hear Cartoonist Dan Lietha as he speaks on why these counterfeit arks help erode a Biblical foundation.
Q&A Live | The Biblical Unicorn and Noah’s Ark | Reasons for Hope
Everyone knows that Noah’s Ark is in the Bible. But what are unicorns doing in the Bible? And how are both of these real and what do they have in common?
10 Things in the Bible Often Illustrated Wrong & Why It Matters
We’ve all seen drawings or paintings of biblical places and events, but what if the image you have in your mind because of those illustrations is wrong? Cartoonist and illustrator, Dan Lietha shares some common examples of biblical things that are very often incorrectly illustrated and offers insights as to why this matters for adults as well as young children.
4 More Things Every Young Christian Artist Must Know | Reasons for Hope
Every young Christian artist will be faced with things in their artistic journey that will either help or hinder their progress as an artist. Christian cartoonist and illustrator, Dan Lietha shares his insights on these things in this presentation from his experience of 30 years as a professional artist.
Disappointment and The Corona Virus
How can we as believers deal with all the disappointment happening around us in regards to the Coronavirus?
Social Media Mission Field (Part 1)
We are all trying to not share the coronavirus, but there is something Christians MUST share, especially during this dark time in history.
Social Media Mission Field (Part 2)
How to get started sharing your faith on social media with Dan Lietha.
Social Media Mission Field (Part 3)
Join Dan Lietha - Cartoonist/Illustrator in Part 3 of his series The Social Media Mission Field. Join him in hearing why Loving Answers Matter.